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Image Description: A black and white photoof a group of people sitting outside, Kerri writes 'LIVE LIFE MORE' on a board that is held up by another member of the group.



 for astronauts

 for earthlings

Image Description: A group of peole stand in a line, blindfolded, holding a piece of rope, together.

Behavioural Training for Astronauts for Earthlings was co-devised and performed with Giles Bunch. It was first presented as part of The Antiuniversity (2016) and since has been performed at Supernormal Festival (Braziers Park, Oxfordshire) The Palace (Nysa, Poland) and Lewisham Arthouse (London, 2017).



As 'A.S.S.A' (Autonomous Sexy Space Agency) we certify humanoids for life in space - on earth. In a pseudo live action role-play of an initiation training, it introduces ‘rookies’ to new behaviours not often present on earth such as:


supporting others, negotiating high risk environments, practices of hygiene and self care


as well as vital space skills such as communicating across cultural differences.

Image Description: A board with handwriting that says 'OH SHIT!!!, CORK, LOTS OF POTENTIAL POO' stands up in front of a corrugated iron fence.
Image Descriptions: Group sits around one mperson who is wearing a soft cloth basket on their head. The group is writing on it. One side reads 'have to start again, miss family.'

“Behavioural Training for Astronauts for Earthlings ​was a participatory work in which

audience members join a space mission. Based on the European Space Agency behavioural

training programme, it is part performance, part game and part LARP. The plot is full of

adventures, forcing participants to find ways to work collaboratively - from decision making to fulfilling practical tasks. The challenge is complex: managing the mission but also managing to suspend disbelief. The tension is tangible as at any point someone might crumble and take both the mission, and the performance, crashing down...

... Using minimalist props and no staging, the piece successfully...


questions and subverts authority


by creating a space - physically,

dramatically and conceptually - to explore these issues, while being engaging, risk taking and very funny. The three creators gracefully carry the entire crew and audience with them, in and out of space.


- Shiri Shalmy, (Antiuniversity Now, United Voices of the World). 

Image description: Photograph of a group of people outside, behind them is a silver dome. They all throw coloured fabric in the air. Some of them hold up a sign that reads 'ASSA'
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