Chewing The Fat: Play Act Cards (PAC) is a card game originally developed as a way to devise scenes with actors for our film work Idle Acts whilst on residency in Beeston, South Leeds in 2019. It was designed and configured in this form for HER-MIT Projects 'Fag Packet Gallery' March 2020 (interview here).


PAC is a card game that invites us to


step into someone else’s shoes


and improvise an exchange, event or happening from a different time, place and perspective. It is a micro role play where players can choose to alter, align or shift things depending on what arises. These prompts have been gathered from a neighbourhood in Beeston, but could be anywhere, or anyones.

chewing the fat:

play act cards

Types of cards include: 'people' - characters i.e. neighbours, friends, passersby, 'place' - locations for the improvisation to take place in,


'atmosphere' - suggests the vibe of the place, how it feels to be there


(derived from the characteristics of Ray Oldenburg's Third Place theory) 'line' - an opener to set the tone, spark conversation, to respond to, and 'discuss' - for after the improv to talk through what just happened.

Anyone can play the game, anywhere, all you need is another person to play it with. It lets you play around in scenes from your everyday life, and see what happens when people improvise.


We are looking to test the cards and what they can do with other groups before producing more. If you are interested, get in touch.

Special thanks to Natasha McAvoy of HER-MIT projects for the invite and producing this set of cards by hand!