molejoy is a band that came out of an intentional sonic experiment. It was birthed of the decieptful 

ashes of the heady summer of 2016 and against the continual rise of fascism. A space to scream and shout and be awkward and not know but do anyway...


But just a band really.

In March, 2019 we released our first EP 'I HATE IT BUT ITS FREE' with the help of friends. You can find on bandcamp here.

molejoy is Sophie Chapman (bass), Giles Bunch (guitar) and Kerri Jefferis (drums), all vocals.


Trashy boppy non-heroic beats for anyone who wants them. Sounds like a lot of things emerging together. Often you can hear what they are saying. Have you seen the movie 'We Are The Best?'

Songs about cool sexy mums, radicalising your children, battlecries about bodies, irreverence about capitalism monetising your life and selling it back to you, microwaves and break ups.


Some people say molejoy is like... 'not for everyone' or 'unpopular pop.' Beats to the Bar wrote this really articulate review though (scroll down to March) and said that molejoy....

'mix a serious social message into their often-disjointed minimalist fun'


our lyrics... 'cutting and, at times, hilarious' with 'no traditional structure' but 'no need to'. Likening our antics to: Erase Errata, Numbers, Captain Beefheart, Le Tigre.​ 

We have been super lucky to play some amazing gigs with Charismatic Megafauna, Trash Kit, The Slugs, Best Praxis, Upset Stomach, Jules and Charles Hayward's Sound is Sound. We have also supported orgs like Mermaids (get Friction Shifters mixtape here!), Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants and End Deportations. We have also been crowned the 'official house band' by The Antiuniversity.

Have a listen here.

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