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Image Description: A woman clasps another woman's hand between her own, whilst clutching a sprig of leaves.
Image description: A chain of people connected by touching each other with their index fingers.

 desire lines and             disorientation

Desire Lines and Disorientation was a walk and talk at Jamboree, June 2018. A national gathering of artists and curators, initiated by Low Profile


Kat Hall wrote a text about it for a-n here.


We used a score to guide 

movement and intention that called upon Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust and Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology as starting points. It explored internal rhythms, sensations and pulls; prompted by choreographer Charlie Morrissey's tuning practices. Together we explored the grounds, attending to what you can learn and understand through your body. It also practiced differing negotiations of power and control asking for people to entrust one another; relying solely on someone else as a guide.

After this, we cut divergent paths across the unexplored fields in the grounds; collectively asking questions like: ‘what offers us space? what gives us shape? what creates paths?’....

A woman sits against a treetrunk, while another woman holds either side of her head. They are connected.
Image Description: A field, two people in the foreground crawl across the grass
Image description: Nestled in the bright, sunny countryside, people clutching paper and bags wander through th field.



We gather on the ground, and we co-create the ground upon which we gather


We walk together, we stay together, we take a walk along desire lines


In the grounds, in our minds and in full knowledge of our bodies


We orientate following our desires and respect each others, moving with them as a group

We change direction when we feel a pull to

We take time, we stop, we take it in turns; we each take a turn

We observe the formation; if one becomes dominant the rest of the group should come up and absorb that dominance back into the texture of the group


We change pace, shape and modalities, we play

We do not need to move in an established way


We move when we feel a pull to, we do not need to talk but we might

We bring attention to where we reside and move around the space and each other

We let our bodies speak too


We embrace circumstance, we embrace the erotic

We dismiss the logic of navigation

We orientate by desire

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