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Image descripton: image is a drawing in blue felt tip pen across two sides of a sketchbook which has been scanned. The drawing is gestural and in line. It vaguely represents a tangling of bodies and objects. All disjointed or reconfigured in an abstract way.



Edge Gestures is a short film made whilst on residency at Scottish Sculpture Workshop in 2018. The work is a response to instructions given by Emma Clayton via Forced Collaboration.


Emma's invitation to 'join the movement when you feel ready and leave when you feel ready' 

was expanded on with an original score derived from a longer text.


The film documents our 

experiments and improvised movements in response to both of these, moving in and out of sync with each other in Lumsden Community Hall (Aberdeenshire, 2018).


The essay the score was extracted from is an autoethnographic piece called Join the movement when you feel ready which charts six months of chance encounters and various forms of research punctuated with lyrics from songs and quotations that floated in and out of this time.


Through this process of translation; the text moves back into and out of the body. The final work exploring the strangeness of... 

embodiment and awkwardness


of moving towards something prefigurative or unknown.


The film is soundtracked by improvised recordings of us both playing a single drum kit, moving in and out of 'timing' and familiar pattern. 

Image description: facing heavy dark red velvet curtains hanging on a stage. The stage edges are white and there are two small doors under the stage. The floor is visible n the foreground an is floorboards wih gym markings.
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