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Image Descrption: Black text prined onto a green background which lists a numbered set of rules for Extraction October including 'No doing work on commutes. No socia media that isn't for fun. No contributions, events, workshops for others. No new projects. No new collaborations. No skipping meals. We bend and stretch and breathe.' etc



Extraction October was a private performance and a public refusal that came from necessity and need. It was a weak* labour strike which consisted of an out of office (featuring Roaches song), social media announcement, 'The Rules' and holding each other accountable.


The action observed a set of rules and was undertaken throughout October 2017. It required compromise and priviledge to conduct. The rules were drafted following a realisation that despite disagreeing with neoliberal ideals of productivity and self exploitation that...


we were in fact reproducing these destructive tendencies on ourselves.


In response to our statement various people got in touch including Kyla Harris sending us a care package and her Self Care Manifesto and Gab and Zarina from The White Pube going into Aeroplane Mode every December.


The work now exists in the world in various ways, latent autoresponses in inboxes or a printed reminder on people’s walls. It now also features as an element of Raju Rage’s work Under/Valued Energetic Economy along with Kyla’s manifesto.

You can access the rules here.


*Ewa Majewska, Weak Resistance.

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