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Image Description: A woman, sitting down, holds up a phone with the screen up, to a man who is standing up. They both clutch scripts, in a room with white walls and wooden flooring.


Habits was a duologue originally performed at Redact The Abstract in May 2018 by Patrick Bayele and Eleanor Roberts.

It is a feverish, ten minute conversation set between two people moving through a toilet queue, a train, a messenger chat and sat in a waiting room. The script used real life conversations between the two of us as a starting point for a more surreal exchange.


It references: internal sensation, viscosity, class, cliche, deviance, labour, systems, gaps, tendencies, dispositions and difference. The performance explored the liminal locations it is set between as... 

heterotopic places to posit and play with thoughts.


Lived experiences are anchored by abstract references as the protagonists, go round and round never arriving at their destination or an answer.

Image Description: Actors stand in front of window. The woman is speaking, while the man looks uncomfortable.
Extract of a script showing actors linesand stage directions.

Together the two friends tease out ideas and paint dada-esque visual poems of ‘white bread made of chicken feathers’, overflowing ‘plastic cups of menstrual blood’ and...


‘walking through life as a nub, having sex as a nub, shopping for spinach as a nub’.


The script was published as part of a book on contemporary feminist writing by Harn und Drang in Vienna 2019. Full script can be read here.

Image Description: The actors, still holding their scripts, are now immersed in the audience, both looking triumphant.
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