Opportunity Makers, Opportunity Takers was a day long education group to: DIA (do it anyway/do it yourself/do it with others) and ‘lean out’ (Dawn Foster). It was organised for the Antiuniversity Festival November, 2015 and was hosted by the Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths.

 opportunity   makers,  

 opportunity   takers

During the day members of CaW Cheap Drinks, KINGDOM, Ladette Space and Nice Gallery shared their projects and processes, joined by silent speaker Rosalie Schweiker. Together we discussed the positives and pitfalls of self organising,


how socialised gender roles or feminist politics might be performed, challenged or enacted in our organising methodologies


and whether or not cooperation can be seen as a strategy against the cult of individualism. ​We finished in the pub and left with new friends. 

If your wondering what the mince is about see here.