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Image Description: Sunflower seeds and raisins are scattered on a wooden floor, accompanied by a bright warm yellow piece of paper with words handwritten in green ink. They read as a list 'pooling, bursting, breaking, seeping, holding, itching' etc. The project title, 'orange static bounce', also in green, interrups the image on a white background.




Orange Static Bounce was a sound work made in response to Amy Lawrence’s instructions via Forced Collaboration, 2018.  


You can listen to it here.

A visceral, chewing sonic narrative, seeding, growing and being crushed.


Heavy breathing, chanting, repeating - mastication and metabolism.


Instructions for listening: take one satsuma, peel it slowly, find a comfy spot on your own, take some headphones and plug them in, lay back, press play, eat your satsuma and listen; listen and eat.

Orange Static Bounce was shown at Eyeball Pleasers, Lewisham Arthouse, 2018. It was accompanied by a pillow and rug to lay on, instructional scores and oranges to eat.

Image Description: Panasonic over ear headphones lie discarded on top of a pillow.
Image Description: On the wooden floor lies satsuma peel, satsumas in a tub of water, Sharpies, a curling wire, a saucepan and drumsticks, sat on top of a lilac textured material.
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