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Guttural Living revisited

When I was getting the app ready I had to dig out all our writings and drawings to do some scanning. This reminded JUST HOW MUCH IS IN THIS PROJECT! I really hope we get the residency or we can look for other opps both to puruse the kind of 'activation' of the objects and material in different ways and learn more about it but also play with the material and make some prints of it all.

I legit just feel like we scratched the surface, even all the writing and written references, like phenomenology itself I just wanna swot up on more. There was a few podcasts I listened to on my train journey which were a nice reminder (bit dry but ya know thats all spotify had). I also wanna read:

Gabor Mate, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts >>> Serena put me onto him via podcasts/You Tube talks. He like situates addition on a spectrum and in the societal context in which we live. I was dipping into it in an effort to understand my bro more but I like how he talks.

Bifo Berardi, And Phenomenology of the end >>> saw this at CSM library ages ago when we were first doing the project and after I heard him speak at Goldsmiths cos he talks a lot about the erotic/poetic etc etc. and it is like gunna be terrifying and dense but yeh I guess the end is.

They are both about the psycho social impact of societal structures but somehow this also fits with the stuff around adult play hey and unlearning and imaginaries.

Also, I am happy Sioban replied with the response, I think we need a longer lead in for this with those women and to learn more about the context and what is an appropriate way of utilising the objects together you know.


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