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On Earth We're Breifly Gorgeous, Ocean Vuong

I finished this book last week and didn't realise when I picked it up that it was a whole novel from a Mum Q. It is tender, poetic, devastating and beautiful. At first I wasn't sure if some of the language was like overly poetic, I know that sounds weird but like every sentence a metaphor was a bit weird to get into but once I was I was in. It is really honest sensitive to tiny, tiny gestures and moments in life that are so complicated but incredibly, heartbreakingly beautiful in all their uncertainty. I think you'll like it. It's not long. They weave together first person narrative with shifts in time with fact and poetic metaphor in a way they each bring more meaning when brought together in that order. I guess its about generation trauma, migration, war, queerness, america and class. They also talk about tables in the end. My kindle does this great thing where it lets you highlight bits and then sends you a PDF at the end with all your fav lines. Here are a couple of mine.


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