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Your favourite neighbourhood moles put something down for prosperity! A baby 6 track EP >>> ‘I HATE IT BUT IT’S FREE’. 


Expect a joyful, stop/start sonic escapade through songs about cool, sexy mums, radicalising your children, battle cries about bodies, irreverence about capitalism monetising your life and selling it back to you, microwaves and breakups, militarisation and deep sea dildos. You’ll laff, you’ll cry, things will never be the same again. 


Sounds like lots of things emerging at once. Some people once said ESG and The Pixies once but that’s q a big deal so maybe more like if they had some kind of immaculate conception who is in their emergent, angsts teen years…? But maybe not. Who can say.. Grab yaself a copy and find out! 


I HATE IT BUT IT’S FREE is a full colour, physical EP cut and folded by small mole hands. It comes with lyrics, a poster and digital download code. 


Find us on Instagram / Facebook @molejoyisaband


molejoy is Sophie Chapman (bass), Giles Bunch (guitar) and Kerri Jefferis (drums), vocals by all. 


I HATE IT BUT IT’S FREE was recorded live at Wysing Arts Centre (2018) by Beth Bramich with help from Simon Clear. The cover art ‘Box Series’ are collaborative paintings made by Andrew Brady, Elliott King and Tim Prestwood with support from Artworks South Yorkshire: a not for profit creative arts organisation that aims to challenge people’s perceptions of intellectual disabilities through celebrating the creativity and ambition of their artists. 


All other images: photography by Sophie le Roux, makeup by Maryam Sofia. All songs and costumes by molejoy (except 9 to 5). EP design by Andrew Walker aka The Suspicious Carrot. 


Special thanks to: The Antiuniversity Now who we would not be here without! Artsadmin for £ and chats, METAL Southend for time and space, Dolly Parton for her infinite wisdoms and all our fwends. 


Licenced by Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike. CC BY-SA.


molejoy: I HATE IT BUT ITS FREE - physical EP

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