Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis make artworks with others in radically non-hierarchical ways. Our work explores the strangeness of imagining different worlds and ways of being together. Recognising lived experience, we entangle social time and reveal the macro politics in micro acts, and find our audience in the moment of making itself as well as exhibition.


Over the past five years we have produced film, furniture, scores, situations, performances and publications. Our most recent film work ‘Idle Acts’ slips between fact and fiction, a mumblecore docudrama come soap opera exploring everyday surrealisms and spatial justice set in Beeston, South Leeds.


Since 2015 we have worked with carpenters, architects,  activists, veterans, writers, dancers, committee members, uber drivers and musicians who also may be children, mums or college students.


We have also worked with the Antiuniversity Festival, Mansions of the Future, HER-MIT Projects, 12ø Collective, Artsadmin, TOMA, The NewBridge Project, Gasworks, Wysing Arts Centre, GRAFT Projects, Ebor Studio, METAL Southend, Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Deptford X, Jamboree Festival; our work has been featured in Artmonthly, a-n and The White Pube.

Separately: Kerri is a researcher and educator. She recently worked on a performance with Life Experience and West Yorkshire Finding Independence and is an associate artist with University of the Arts London's Creative Shift programme. Kerri's focus is on experiential, life wide learning and in 2018 they co-developed REBEL (Recognising Experience Based Education and Learning), an informal learning tool and framework. Sophie is a learning curator and access support worker who is the current artist facilitator for Into The Wild, a professional development programme for graduates (Chisenhale Gallery, London). From 2016-2018 Sophie set up and ran The White House in Dagenham and recently managed the Learning Programme for Whitstable Biennale.

Sophie (bass/vocals) and Kerri (drums/vocals) also play 'socio-punkitical clatter and holler' (Dexter Bentley, Hello Goodbye Show) in the band, molejoy with Giles Bunch.

Design: Anoushka Khandwala

Typography: Din Next Light

We often work with photographer:

Sophie le Roux