Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis have worked together, with others, since 2015. Our practice is rooted in the politics of collaboration, together we orchestrate anarchic situations and improvised encounters - opening space for critical and convivial exchange. The remains from these events are shaped into artworks taking the form of sound, print, sculpture and film; experimental records and reinterpretations of the live moments. 


Recent work in progress includes Idle Acts: a film that slips between fact and fiction derived from improvised vignettes developed with a group of acting enthusiasts, exploring micro narratives and urban surrealisms.


Common to each work is the desire to convene differing people and enact prefigurative forms of resistance. Prompted by the feminist ‘practice of doing’, we invite people to re-orientate, unlearn or embody unfamiliar ways of being, together.


Design: Anoushka Khandwala

Typography: Din Next Light

We often work with photographer:

Sophie le Roux