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Image Description: Colourful cushions sit on a lilac carpet, in a whitewalled room with photographs on the wall.




Image Description: Someone writes 'TRUST' in black sharpie on a large sheet of plastic.
Image descripton: image is a collage of black and white photographs of different people's bodies. The collage cuts little portals where parts appear and disappear. Some areas are coloured in brightly.

What Happened Between? was an exhibition and events series at Lewisham Arthouse, London 

2017. The installation consisted of Plunge a functional floor work, collage prints Magic Holes and Psychic Threads and a library Golden Girdles. The events included performances, a screening, presentations and A GIG. 

Full events programme here.

Download the library catalogue here


‘In the spirit of coming together to take ourselves apart’ - Kyla Wazana Tompkins, We Aren’t Here to Learn What We Already Know


WHB was the culmination of our year-long Graduate Studio Award (2016-2017). It was a considered environment to bring people together...


to acknowledge gaps and overlaps, expose the unseen construction site


and prop the supports.

Image Description: Books lie on top of cardboard boxes, including 'The Argonauts' by Maggie Nelson.

Support is usually ‘derided and discarded by authority and depoliticized by the mechanisms of it’ (Céline Condorelli and Gavin Wade). The week long exhibition was dedicated to slowing down, appreciating what has happened, recognising who was around us and citing those who had helped us along the way.

‘Between the secret interior and the public exterior, carrying items to trade’ - Hannah Black on Gossip.


The events featured a number of friends and colleagues: Suzanne van Rossenberg on her research into transdisciplinarity, The White Pube (Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad) on how they came to work together, Chloe Cooper on friendship as an occupation, A Navigation a film Phoebe Davies and Nandi Bhebhe, and live performances by Zuleika Lebow, KINSINSKINS (nee Best Praxis), Scrotum Clamp, Rainham Sheds, Julia Star, NX Panther and molejoy

A close up of a woman wearing a futuristic shiny jacket speaking into a microphone.
Image Description: A band setting up for practice, in front of a large banner taped to the wall which reads 'AGIG'.
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